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Averted Vision

A figure floats on the surface of Beauty Lake.

Cassie swims out to retrieve it, desperately hoping the person is still alive.

If not, well, this isn’t her first dead body.

Haunted by the vicious murder of her best friend by an abusive lover, Cassie Windom abandons her career in Los Angeles and flees back home to Minnesota. She hopes to leave behind the guilt of a gruesome secret and to reshape her life. But escape is not as easy as changing geography, and a quirky small town is not the quiet retreat she expected.

A terrifying tornado churns up a body in the lake outside her cabin, drawing her into a mystery that quickly becomes personal. When a second killing shocks the town, her search for a link between the two victims puts her own life in danger.

Through the gruesome turmoil, Cassie deals with the complicated lives of her three sisters. Their banter, wit and sarcasm are not often helpful but always entertaining.

Averted Vision is a witty page turner filled with twists and eccentric characters.

Ebook ISBN 978-950506-13-2

Paperback ISBN 978-950506-12-5

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Blade of Mad Vision

Fencing is just a sport for Austin and Skylar Swiftbrooke, until they find themselves on Saffrian and discover how lethal swording can be.

The Young Artist

By moonlight Cabrill watches her sculpture soar through the sky as if it were a bird. Art should not move on its own, yet hers flies. It warns of a growing power that threatens to destroy her planet. Survival depends on a brother and a sister from another world who fill her drawings. And on a blade like no other.

The Brother

At the Earth colony on Callister, Austin continues to practice fencing, even though he hasn’t faced a real opponent since his sister Skylar vanished. He’s suspicious of the short-statured man with three names who suddenly appears saying he knows where Skylar is, but Austin would follow anyone and go anywhere to find her.

The Sister

Skylar has fallen through a portal that had been sealed for centuries, landing on another planet. Now as she sits on a log in a forest with a borrowed sword waiting to be kidnapped, she realizes this the most fun she’s ever had.

The Master Translator

Ko Lain Po swore blood loyalty to the Lian Clan. But he must choose between honoring his pledge and saving the people he cares about most.

Ancient swordplay clanks against high-tech fencing in this epic adventure. Brilliantly plotted, Blade of Mad Vision is clever, funny, and filled with fascinating, memorable characters.

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Ebook ISBN 978-1-950506-07-1

Paperback ISBN 978-1-950506-04-0

Monarch of Lightning

Assassination and clan conflicts force a desperate flight to save an unborn child destined to rule, and cause the discovery of renegade Earth scientists marooned on a storm-ravaged planet as volatile as its politics.

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Ebook ISBN 978-1-950506-03-3

Paperback ISBN 978-1-950506-02-6

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Roar at the Universe

When the Universe won’t play fair, it’s time to roar!

Welcome to tales of people in crisis and their fight to survive, featuring “Roar at the Heart of the World,” selected for the Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror

On the moon, enslaved by a system that needs her exceptional talent, a young woman struggles to control her own destiny.

A confused man deals with a crazy aunt, or is he the one who’s crazy?

Nature is broken.  The remaining humans are in pieces, searching for a new way to become whole.

On a recently colonized planet, a team of damaged outcasts risk what little they have for another species.

In Kenya a unique little girl and her dog live across two cultures until a fire that cannot be doused threatens to destroy it all.

A young woman and a defiant lion restlessly seek escape from their protective prison.

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Ebook ISBN 978-1-950506-00-2

Paperback ISBN 978-1-950506-01-9

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