Convergence Kilt Panel

At the How to Wear a Kilt panel I was on at Convergence yesterday, I promised to post the resources I talked about and the ones I didn’t have time to mention. So here they are.

A great forum on kilt wearing and kilt making is

At xmarks there are great photos and recommendations for what to wear with your kilt. Take a look at “1 Kilt 10 Looks:  A Visual Guide to Formality in Highland Attire.”

And check out “Traditional Highland Civilian Dress:  A Definition and Guide with Visual Examples,” posted by Colin P. McGuire and Nathan B. MacDonald.

For general information download the pdf “Kilts and Tartan Made Easy” from the ScotWeb site.

THE BOOK on kiltmaking is The Art of Kiltmaking by Barbara Tewksbury and Elsie Stuehmeyer.  It gives step by step instructions for making a traditional knife-pleated kilt.

$34.95 plus shipping, available from

It can also be ordered through Celtic Croft, which has a booth at Convergence.

At the art of kiltmaking website you can download the pdf supplement “Making a Traditional Box Pleated Kilt.”

There are many tartans with no family affiliation.  A few are Isle of Skye, Scottish Wildcat, Highland Granite, Arctic, Antarctica, Victoria City of Gardens, and Cthulhu.

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