Minicon 51

Just got back from Minicon 51, an annual science fiction and fantasy convention held in Bloomington MN.  It was great being surrounded by people who love to read and write and draw and make music–and talk about it.  Usually when I’m out and about I do a lot of people watching, but at Minicon and other such gatherings I enjoy book watching.  I check out what people are reading when they have a few minutes before a panel starts, and what they carry around, and what titles they look at in the hucksters’ room.  People are enthusiastic about what they read and will gladly give a stranger (me) a review of their current–and past–reads.  Years, even decades, after devouring a book a person can describe it in detail.  We breathe in the written word like air and it becomes part of us.  We inhale the stories and make them our own.

3 thoughts on “Minicon 51

  1. I was making a list of scifi (& some fantasy) books and stories that will blow a person away for someone I know who ‘doesn’t get’ scifi and near the top for me is Roar at the Heart of the World, which was in a collection I read some years ago. It’s one of the all time greatest stories, fantasy or otherwise.

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    • Wow, I feel honored that you remember Roar. I really enjoy thinking back to the stories that have stayed with me over the years. If you’re interested, I continued Elisbet’s story in Sleep-waker, which is posted. There is another chapter to her journey beyond that. I hope to write it some day soon, but I find a story can’t be rushed.


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