Monarch of Lightning

My first novel Monarch of Lightning has just been published!  I don’t have my author’s copies yet.  I’m looking forward to their arrival so I can place one on my bookshelf.

You can see the cover art (and purchase it, if you’re so inclines) here:

The publisher is Alban Lake.  They specialize in science fiction, fantasy and horror.

Here’s a quick synopsis.

Just having killed her husband’s assassin, a pregnant Janvian has one year to claim the throne of Lorcha for herself and her child.  With conflicts tearing apart clan alliances, no where is safe.  Remembering the tales her grandfather told her of a secret place in the middle of the desert, she makes a desperate flight across the storm-battered Wilde to find sanctuary with the Mirage Clan, who might not exist.  She does not know she is being manipulated by mystics into exposing her child to the Wilde’s lightning.  It is up to her uncle and her sister to hide Janvian’s absence and to keep the clans loyal to the unborn child meant to be their next monarch.

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