I just posted “Sleep-waker.”  That’s waker, as in someone who wakes up.  In a reference online it was erroneously referred to as Sleep-walker, as in someone who walks in their sleep.  That isn’t what’s going on in the story at all.

This is a continuation of “Roar at the Heart of the World.”  After I finished Roar, Elizabeth/Elisbet stayed with me and I was compelled to write more.  At the time I wasn’t sure it would develop into a story.  I just needed to see where she would take me.  I was surprised and pleased with the journey.

Now, as I prepared the story for posting, it struck me that the character of Ruta is like that uncle who slips you chocolate when your parents aren’t watching.  We all need that kind of person in our lives.  I bet in private he and Togom had some interesting conversations about Elisbet.