A Wrinkle That’s Defied Time

I wanted to re-read A Wrinkle in Time before I saw the new movie.  I pulled my copy off the bookshelf.  It is so old that the pages fell out.  I bought it used somewhere.  Garage sale?  Used book store?  I don’t remember where I got it for the bargain price of fifty cents.  It has someone else’s name written on the title page in large, child-like letters.  I wonder who that little girl is.  I feel connected to her through the sharing of this wonderful book.  How could she let it go?  I’m glad she did, so it could be mine for these many years.  I refuse to accept that she is an adult now.

I bought a new copy–full price from a local, independent bookstore.  If I can bring myself to let go of it (if ever), I’ll put it into the Little Free Library in my neighborhood.  Then others can read it until the pages fall out of it, too.




I’m taking bookmarks to Minicon to promote MONARCH OF LIGHTNING.  It was fun but challenging putting them together.  I used some old, rusty skills and learned some new ones.  Minicon is at the end of March.  I enjoy hanging around with other book nerds.  I always get great recommendations for what to read next.