Kilt Progress: Pleat Seventeen with Scooby

Kilt Progress: Seventeen pleats, over half way there. Scooby supervised. The shaping is starting to show. Pleats are tapered from the fell (at the hip, where the stitching begins) to the waist, giving a nice, smooth fit in the back.

A kilt in progress with seventeen pleats done. A stuffed Scooby sits on the pleats.

Kilt Progress: Nine Pleats

These are knife pleats. You’ll be able to see that more clearly when the kilt is finished and pressed. A teal strip is in the center of each pleat. Choosing this stripe highlights the purplish blocks that border it. This is my third kilt in this tartan. Each one is pleated to a different element, so each one has its own look. I’ll post a comparison later on.

A kilt being sewn, nine pleats completed