Page 117

Can you judge a book from reading a single page? I moderated a fun panel at Minicon. The panelists were randomly given books with the covers concealed. They each took a turn reading page 117 from their mystery book. Then the panelists and the audience speculated what the book was about. We voted if we would read the rest of the book based on that single page. Amazingly, a few people (with great memories) could identify a couple of the titles from just those few words. Afterward I was curious to read page 117 of my own books.

What’s Your Favorite SFF Island?


Mists of Avalon, Mysterious Island

Is it Avalon? Atlantis? The Island of Dr. Moreau? The Lord of the Flies island? I will be on the Islands in SFF panel at Minicon, a science fiction and fantasy convention in Minneapolis. Give me some suggestions for islands to talk about.