Orange Rind

I added another short story.  I wrote The Universe Seen as a Floating Orange Rind as an exploration of identity.  How do you know who you are?  What happens when other people behave as if you are radically different from your concept of yourself?  I wanted to confront these questions through situations that were fun and bizarre.  See what you think.

West with the Night

It’s great to have friends who are veracious readers.  I was chatting with one of them the other day about non-fiction books set in Africa.  I was reminded of West with the Night by Beryl Markham.  She was the first pilot to fly across the Atlantic solo from  east to  west, from England to Nova Scotia (Lindberg flew from west to east).  She lived in East Africa most of her life, raising horses and flying her small plane to deliver mail to remote communities.  What an adventurous, fascinating life!  Her story has stayed with me years after reading it.